Tourism Grading Council of South Africa

Through the dedication and hard work of Mr Valli Moosa, Minister of Environmental Affairs and Tourism at the time, the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa (TGCSA) was established in the year 2000. Operating as a business unit of South African Tourism, the TGCSA is still the only recognised and globally credible quality assurance body for tourism products in South Africa, which is greatly relied on, to this day.


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The TGCSA’s Grading Criteria has come a very long way since its introduction in 2002. These days it is far more thorough, follows stringent rules and has brought about world-class quality – even more reason for us as South Africans walk very tall. We have not just reviewed our grading standards, but we’ve also refreshed and fine-tuned our entire TGCSA operating system, which now runs so much smoother. To be completely honest, we’re rather chuffed with our new seamless, world-aligned process of managing quality assurance for tourism products.

Much time and energy has gone into setting grading standards that best suit the Tourism industry. This helps us South Africans maintain our international competitiveness as a tourist destination. The tangible rewards of our efforts made, show that we too can be world leaders when it comes to quality assurance.

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