Our Vision

Our vision is to create a safe trusted portal, providing quality and vetted information in order for businesses and consumers to make better business and personal decisions.

We value transparency, connection and trust. We focus on showcasing companies providing products and services relating to Accreditation, Compliance, Verification, Certification and Standards.

Our objective is to list as many credible organizations as possible in order for Businesses and Consumers to make credible decisions faster, in one central location.

Our Skills

Verification 90%
Digital 80%
Trust Seals 70%

Our Mission

We scan the web, searching for credible organisations to list on our internationally recognized accreditation portal.

We search for companies using our various online scanning tools, traditional business magazines and reports as well as other offline tools.

We do it to give consumers the opportunity to know about these organisations, make better decisions and gain visibility themselves by associating themselves with the appropriate organisations.

We deliver value to customers (organisations) as well as consumers by giving your time back. We give time back by doing all the research and validating the source for you.

Our mission is to represent and protect members against unauthorised use of their brands, false associations and company emulation.

Our Founder

Our founder, Shana Derman is a seasoned entrepreneur and IT specialist, with over 20 years of experience in the ICT industry. Her first business, a software development company called Maxxor, is currently 12 years old and although she exited the company, she continues to do business with them. She has two other businesses, one digital agency (Onyx Interweb) and a visual, automation and brand protection company (IntelliCred). Visit her personal site for more information Shana Derman.

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